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Labyrinth / Maze – Educational field game

The purpose of the game is to pair corresponding information regarding presented topic through moving small wheel across panel in special slot to match it accordingly. To verify arrangement user can check to back side of panel where topic is presented in details. The MAZE series teaches reading comprehension, concentration and observation skills. Also MAZE extends knowledge from chosen topics and teaches how to use gained knowledge. TOTEM’s modern design ideally fits into city’s architecture.

Body made of aluminium. Printed aluminium panel/maze protected by company’s own process of protective coating. Wheels, made of high quality plastic, are being positioned in special grooves. Standard RAL colours available. Additional RAL colours per request. Installation on concrete posts (option on request) or directly on hardened surface, in ex. pavement, sidewalk etc.

Technical data

• Structure sits upon two solid blocks of precast hardened concrete.
• High quality UV print on aluminium protected with hardened coating.
• Secured and safe slots helps to easily move wheels.
• Possibility of personalization, adding logos, etc.

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